Our mission is to create a space, where freelancers, travelers, entrepreneurs, professionals, digital nomads, creators, innovators, students and creative communities can work together, meet up, share experiences and get things done.

Nurture a warm and embracing environment where we can build social and professional networks as well as collaborative opportunities, where we can make positive socio-economical impact to local, regional and the international communities.

Improving and help create businesses and opening doors to quality mentorships, consultations, channels, the access to capital and connect with corporations and related government bodies.

CO&CO is the invisible umbrella, under which our members collide and  connect, engage, converge and collaborate.


Event Space

Can accommodate a variation of use for any kind of events, workshop, seminar, exhibition or anything in between. Seats up to 100 people.

Mail Handing Service

Especially for our resident members, we take care of sending and receiving your packages.

Meeting Room

Private room for meetings, presentations or discussions. Seats up to 15 people. Includes all the necessary tools: boards, flip charts, drinks, projector or LCD screen.

High Speed Wifi

So that you can always rely on a steady connection

Private Locker

Lockers are available for members to use.

Shower Area

Bathroom with showers are provided as a resident member perk!